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The National Plan for Music Education

How does the Derbyshire Music Education Hub meet the core and extension roles of the National Plan for Music Education?

The National Plan for Music Education (NPME): The Importance of Music sets out the four core roles and three extension roles which, locally, Music Education Hubs are responsible for delivering with schools.

Core roles

1. Ensure that every child aged 5-18 has the opportunity to learn a musical instrument (other than voice) through whole-class ensemble teaching programmes for ideally a year (but for a minimum of a term) of weekly tuition on the same instrument.

2. Provide opportunities to play in ensembles and to perform from an early stage.

3. Ensure that clear progression routes are available and affordable to all young people.

  • Derby & Derbyshire Music Partnership instrumental and vocal tuition is supported by a range of remission schemes to ensure affordability.
  • Continuation routes post-wider opportunities attract generous subsidies.
  • The structured progression routes through the seven Area Music Centres are supported by remissions for families facing financial hardship and family membership (more than one child)

4. Develop a singing strategy to ensure that every pupil sings regularly and that choirs and other vocal ensembles are available in the area.

  • The Music Partnership's Singing Support team provide schools a range of singing support (primary and secondary), delivery and development opportunities, 
  • A rolling programme of large-scale vocal projects enables our Singing Support Team to engage with at least 100 schools each year.
  • Sing2gether projects bring secondary schools and their partner primaries together for vocal work.
  • Primary School Singing Festivals and Infant Music Parties are coordinated in various geographical areas.
  • Our Wider Opportunities programmes include a strong singing element, with deliverers being trained to model and demonstrate good practice.
  • Area Music Centre provision includes nine choirs.
  • Singing Summer Schools are provided at the beginning of the long school holiday.
  • Working in partnership with the Derby Intu shopping centre we support a Christmas Choir Competition each year. 

Extension Roles 

1. Offer CPD to school staff, particularly in supporting schools to deliver music in the curriculum.

  • Residing within the School Improvement Service, the Derby & Derbyshire Music Partnership offers regular and robust CPD support and events for primary CPD and secondary CPD schools.
  • Secondary schools have access to two hours of departmental review time and a conference each October.
  • CPD for school staff is provided as an extra session after each Music Partnership vocal project (primary and secondary) or Musical Gems (Early Years) programme.

2. Provide an instrument loan service, with discounts or free provision for those on low incomes.

3. Provide access to large scale and / or high quality music experiences for pupils, working with professional musicians and / or venues.

  • Derby & Derbyshire Music Partnership has extensive experience of delivering major large-scale high-quality concerts for all ages and all ability levels; at least six events each year.

  • Area Music Centres provide at least 10 concerts in prestigious concert halls each year.

  • Fleet Arts provide opportunities for young bands to perform on local music festival stages.

  • City & County level ensembles enable advanced level young musicians to play full symphonic repertoire, beyond what individual schools, or even music centres, are able to offer. 

  • Workshops, master classes and concert tours are arranged at Area Music Centres and City & County level.

  • Buxton International Festival, Glossop Music Festival and Sinfonia Viva, enable young musicians to work alongside professional performers.