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Logos for Derby & Derbyshire Music Partnership

Downloadable logos representing Derby & Derbyshire Music Partnership (DDMP)

If you are working with Derby & Derbyshire Music Partnership in delivering a project or event, then in addition to the Music Hub and Arts Council England logos, you will need ones for DDMP as well. 

This should appear, when possible, on all digital and printable material relating to DDMP.

Logo usage guidance

Please take a look at our guidance on resizing and placing logos, and which file type to use in different situations before downloading and using logos.

If you need other formats than the ones provided here, please contact us.

Derby & Derbyshire Music Partnership

DDMP types

JPEG – Ideal for documents, webpages or other uses where the background colour is white.

PNG – Ideal for when you need to overlay the logo onto a coloured background or photo. 

Guidance on how to use logos

Please take a look at the following advice before using any downloaded logos.

Resizing a logo

Guidance - Sizing

Logo files will most likely need resizing to fit your needs. Please avoid squashing or stretching the logo by resizing from the corners of a logo whilst holding down the shift key – this resizes vertically and horizontally to the same proporions.

Please avoid resizing larger than the downloaded size – this will pixilate the image – please get in touch if you need a larger size file.

Placing your logo

Guidance - Exclusion

Each file comes with blank space surrounding the logo itself so that anything around it doesn't get too close to look crowd. Please don't trim this blank space.

Using a logo on a dark or coloured background

Guidance - Colour

It's best to use one of the PNG files when placing a logo on a coloured background. These files have a transparent background to avoid having an awkward white square around the logo. Use the white version on dark backgrounds or the black version on lighter backgrounds.

Using a JPEG with a white background is OK in a pinch, but please do not use software to remove the white backfround from a JPEG, use one of the provided PNG files.