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Junior Music at Home (ages 7-11)

Music activities and resources for children aged 7-11 that can be done at home

Junior-MAH-webMusic is part of the National Curriculum and in most schools children will sing regularly and often learn a musical instrument. The majority of us will listen to music in our daily lives whether it is on TV, through games or online.

We have compiled a series of activities for families to use at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, accessible to everyone regardless of ability.

Final issue! The Addams Family Cup Game #3 | Song Writing | Singing: Billy the Kid
The Addams Family Cup Game #2 | Singing: A Keelie
The Addams Family Cup Game #1 | Singing: Tongo
Cushion drumming | Singing: Mexican Wave
What is pitch? | Singing: Kye Kye Kule
A song for climate change | Singing: Jimbo Jambo
Name-based Body Percussion | You've got a Friend in Me
Raise my Voice... | Arts Award: Discover at Home
Bim Bom... | Listening: Music and pictures
Kaboom Percussion: "I'm Still Standing" | Explore, create, listen: Natural sounds
Compose your own melody | Musical theme park
The Bare Necessities | Hungarian Dance
Rhythm Challenge: Lego Rhythms 2 | Singing: Down by the Bay
Rhythm Challenge: Tchaikovsky | Let's put the Rooster in the Stew
Half Term puzzles and fun activities
Performing cup patterns | Explore and create: Typewriter music
Virtual percussion: Somewhere Over the Rainbow | Lego rhythms
Rhythm reading | Explore and create: compose your own melody!
Create your own loops | Hansel and Gretel: The Opera
Dip Dip Dip action song | Disney Quiz | Creating your own african style drums
Tony Chestnut | I've Been to Harlem | I Left My Luggage – a fun set of Easter follow-along activity
Watch, learn and perform | Lucky 5 musical challenge
Listening to music | Creating music