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Secondary Music at Home (ages 11+)

Music activities and resources for children aged 11+, including for GCSE and A-Level, that can be done at home

Secondary-MAH-webMusic is part of the National Curriculum and in most schools children will sing regularly and often learn a musical instrument. The majority of us will listen to music in our daily lives whether it is on TV, through games or online.

The activities on these pages – split into Years 7-9, Years 10-11 and Years 12-13 – represent different styles of music and different ways of making music all using resources that are mainly free giving access to music technology and help with composing, performing and listening skills.

We have compiled a series of activities for families to use at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, accessible to everyone regardless of ability.

Final issue! Y7-9 In the Deep and Take That Makaton Style #2 | Y10-13 Contemporary Latin Music
Y7-9 Chair Drumming and Take That: Makaton Style #1 | Y10-13 Writing Music to a Brief
Y7-9 The Wellerman Take#2 - Body Percussion, and Lay Down your own Beats | Y10-13 Develop your performing skills: Blinding Lights and Dance Monkey
Y7-9 It Don't Mean a Thing, Writing a Rap and The Wellerman Tap Along | Y10-13 Performing
Y7-9 Fusion music | Y10-13 Know your instruments
Y7-9 Notation Reading Game and Compose Your Own Superhero Theme | Y10-13 Inspiration for composition work
Y7-9 Beethoven Remixed, Beethoven Re-recorded, Body Percussion Challenges and "I Knew You Were Treble" | Y10-13 Musical periods quiz
Y7-9 Composing using Soundation and Summer playlists | Y10-13 Super Quiet Uninterrupted Listening Time (SQUILT)
Y7-9 World Music Bingo and Structure | Y10-13 How to describe a melody
Y7-9 Minimalism and Kaboom Percussion: Happy | Y10-13 How new styles of music are created
Y7-9 Performing with spoons and Listening: Ed Sheeran | Y10-13 The power of scales
Y7-9 About "Foley" and composing music for film | Y10-13 Beethoven beginnings and Alla Turka
Y7-9 DJing and Film Music | Y10-13 World Music and Timbre
Y7-9 Kaboom Percussion and presenting information | Y10-13 Song writing for younger children...
Puzzles for a bit of a break!
Y7-9 Composing gaming music and Music for Nature | Y10-13 Writing a killer tune and music vocabulary
Y7-9 Introductions and rhythmic coordination | Y10-13 All about composing music
Y7-11 Online music-making and Festivals: researching and planning | Y12-13 Musical terminology: improving your writing skills
Y7-9 Doctor Who Theme; and Remix Live: experimenting with music | Y10-11 Sampling music: ABBA and Madonna; and Chords | Y12-13 Beethoven: Music and Maths
Y7-9 Performing, Listening and Composing | Y10-11 Careers in Music and Sampling | Y12-13 Composing
Y7-9 The Cup Game and Song | Y10-13 Clapping Music (Reich) – addictive rhythm-based songs you can tap and clap along to
Y7-9 All about guitars | Y10-11 Music quiz | Y12-13 How to...
Y7-9 Film music and listening to music at home | Y10-11 Music vocabulary | Y12-13 TED talks about music