Derby & Derbyshire Music Partnership Virtual Choir

Recording a virtual choir performance of Africa

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Before you begin
Welcome to the project and a list of what you need to be involved 

How do I record my part?
Guidance on how to record your video

You will need these to sing along to for practice and the recording

Sending your video to us
How to send us your finished recording

Before you begin

Watch the welcome video below, and take a look at what you will need in order to take part.


You will need:

  • A computer or device to play the backing track videos
    A pair of headphones that you can plug into the computer or device when singing
    A camera phone or other recording device to video you singing
    A well-lit and quiet room to make you look and sound at your best

How do I record my part?

We've prepared this handy guide for you so we can make sure each video is recorded in the same way. Before you commit to recording, we suggest you do a one or two dry runs where you pretend to record.

    • Find the video for your part below and make sure the playback is starting from the beginning
    • Have your camera phone/camera in position – make sure it is well positioned, in landscape mode (phones) with you in the centre of the screen
    • Put on/in your headphones, but keep them unplugged for the moment (this is important)
    • Play the video. You will be told when to press record on your phone/camera and after you hear a beep you will be asked to plug your headphones in (we need to hear the beep so we can sync all the videos together)
    • A countdown will then appear and the music will begin. Sing along with your part to the backing track on cue
    • Remember to hold the long note at the end. Then press stop on your camera phone as instructed on the video.

    • Please do not add any effects such as reverb to the recording

    • Don’t worry if you go wrong, you can try as many times as you like but please send us only one recording


We have prepared separate videos for the Soprano, Alto and Baritone parts, played against a backing track, including any splits in the parts.






Sending your videos to us

Now you've done and are happy with what you have recorded, its time to send it to us.

Sending your video recordings to us...