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Music in schools: what hubs must do

The challenging conversation with schools (November 2013)

The survey found that music hubs, working at their very best, can challenge and support school leaders to bring the numerous benefits of a good music education to all pupils, not simply the few who choose, or who have the resources, to specialise in the subject or an instrument.

However, Her Majesty's Inspectors found few examples of such good practice.

The report is based on visits to 31 schools, and detailed discussions with their associated hubs, by Her Majesty's Inspectors between February and July 2013, within the hubs' first year.

It draws also on findings and recommendations from other recent Ofsted music subject reports, which have consistently concluded that music provision in schools is often weak and poorly led.

Our response

Derby & Derbyshire Music Partnership has published a response, distributed to all schools, outlining what schools need to be aware of, and how the Derbyshire Music Education Hub can assist with music education in their schools. This is attached to the bottom of this page.

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