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Quality assurance

Quality assurance permeates all that we do. We have well-established systems for monitoring, mentoring, supporting and evaluating all provision which have been developed to incorporate all aspects of Derbyshire Music Education Hub delivery.

Our quality assurance programme ensures that all delivery partners receive at least one observation/feedback visit each year. The Quality Assurance Working Group undertake much of this role alongside their own teaching and ensemble directing commitments.

MSEP reviews and involvement with HMI/OFSTED subject inspections have ensured standardisation of judgements. 


Observation is a sensitive issue, hence the need for everyone to be clear at all stages, hence the following agreed protocol: 

  • Observations will be at agreed times.  There will normally be at least one weeks' notice
  • The criteria for observation will be clear
  • The time to be spent observing in one session will normally be a minimum of half an hour and a maximum of one hour, unless requested to be longer by agreement
  • The observer will not take part in the lesson/session
  • The observer will endeavour to speak to the person with responsibility for music in the school, or the headteacher, during the visit
  • Feedback should normally take place immediately following the session, and should be constructive and supportive
  • Feedback should take the form of a professional dialogue between colleagues
  • Any professional development needs arising from the monitoring process should be addressed as soon as possible
  • A written report of the visit will be sent to the instrumental teacher/delivery partner within ten working days
  • Outcomes of the monitoring process are confidential, although they may be shared with other schools where the instrumental teacher works
  • Observation summary reports will be available to the instrumental teacher/delivery partner concerned, head teachers and the Derby & Derbyshire Music Partnership
  • The process should be manageable and should not require additional preparation by the instrumental teacher/delivery partner
  • All parties are invited to make constructive suggestions as to how the process could be improved over time.

With the agreement of Elected Members, headteachers are able to request Quality Assurance reports or visits for any music activities taking place in their school, whoever the provider. Please contact the Music Partnership directly to arrange this.