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School Music Education Plan (SMEP)

The Ofsted Report, 'Music in Schools: what hubs must do' concerns the impact that, from April 2014, Music Education Hubs are required to have on leading improvements on the delivery of music curriculum in schools.

The challenges facing music curriculum leaders in primary and secondary schools are recognised. The Music Partnership Curriculum Consultant and School Improvement Adviser aim to develop a framework and provide support for school leaders and staff to understand more about musical learning and what good progress in music looks like. 

Possible questions asked during Ofsted inspections:

  • What is the impact of your school's work with its local music education hub?
  • How often is music taught to all classes?
  • How do you judge the quality of music lessons?
  • Are you aware of Ofsted's subject-specific guidance?
  • Do all pupils benefit from music in school or just a few?

(Taken from 'Schools and Inspection, Section B6'; Ofsted March 2014)

Useful documentation

Headteacher guidance: Ofsted Report:  Music in Schools: promoting good practice (Sept. 2012)