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Taiko Tigers

Big drums, big sticks, big smiles! Bespoke Japanese-style drumming workshops for special schools

DDMP logoPlaying Taiko isn’t just about hitting a drum to make a sound.  It involves body movement, energy, communication, co-ordination, self-control and builds confidence and teamwork. It is also great fun!

Taiko is an inclusive form of drumming which can be accessed by pupils with a wide range of additional needs.  The drums are tall enough to be easily accessed by wheelchair users.  Taiko drumming can also create a sensory experience for some pupils.  

Taiko drumming is loud and some pupils may wish to wear ear defenders when they play.

During the Taiko Tigers session, we saw some of our students respond in a way we had never seen before.
Ashgate Croft Special School

What happens on a workshop day

We aim to deliver bespoke drumming sessions which allow your pupils to experience the exhilaration and energy of playing within a Taiko group.

Prior to the workshop, we will visit your school and work with a member of staff to ensure the workshop day is tailored to suit the needs of your pupils.

  • Each Taiko Tigers session usually lasts around 30 minutes, but session times can be flexible if necessary, according to the needs of your pupils
  • We can work with up to 17 pupils at a time but can accommodate more if some pupils are willing to share.
  • Each session will involve some call and response activities, rhythm games and then working to build up a short Taiko performance piece. We also include the characteristic Taiko big arm movements and vocal calls which really appeals to SEND pupils


Taiko Tigers usually costs £375 for the day. For a short time, we are subsidising these workshops and offering Taiko Tigers to Special Schools at the reduced price of £275.

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