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Charanga Musical School Webinars

Free online training sessions and webinars for infant and primary teachers about Charanga Musical School – for new and current licence holders – Register for Autumn and Spring sessions now!

Charanga logoAs part of our continued support for music education in your area, Derby & Derbyshire Music Partnership and Charanga warmly invites school teachers to one of these free CPD & Training webinars.

Webinar: Being the Music Lead

This webinar is suitable for music leaders in schools who want to feel confident in their subject, and their role as subject leader. We'll be asking questions and exploring solutions to the challenges of areas such as provision, progression and professional development.

Webinar: Progression, Planning and Setting Expectations

Lesson planning is different for each school and relies upon a secure knowledge of progression, a key feature of the Original Scheme.

We'll look at progression throughout the school year and across the age range, to show how it could be unpacked and used to support planning at all levels from the year group down to individual lessons. 

Webinar: Assessment

Understand the Assessment Framework which is fully supported by planning and assessment documentation. Find out about the facility for you to upload and store digital evidence for recording the progress children make throughout school.

Webinar: Getting More from Charanga Musical School Webinar

A chance to look at resources that enhance the Schemes and provide further music experiences for every learner. We'll look at materials to encourage deeper learning, music as a way to support other subject areas, and opportunities for whole-school projects. There are two options of dates for this webinar.

Webinar: Introduction to Model Music Curriculum Scheme

This is ideal for those wanting to find out more about the Model Music Curriculum Scheme. It will be a high level overview looking at the structure of the units, the range of learning activities and the full supporting documentation. 

Webinar: Introduction to the Build-Your-Own Scheme

Use the Scheme Builder tool to create a bespoke, rich music curriculum for your school. This feature will also be perfect for settings which involve mixed-aged classes, Whole Class Ensemble Tuition or other project work.

Webinar: Introduction to the Award-winning Original Scheme

This webinar will have a navigational overview of the platform and a detailed look at units of work from the Original Scheme.

Webinar: Working with Mixed Year Groups

Mixed-age groups are commonplace in schools but can present some planning and teaching challenges. We'll look at a range of options for adapting the schemes to suit a variety of different scenarios. There are two options of dates below.

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