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Musical Explorers

A ten-week programme continuing from Musical Gems using songs, rhymes and games

WCET Musical ExplorersMusical Explorers builds on Musical Gems with simple songs, rhymes and games that encourage children to develop increasing vocal control and a greater understanding of pitch.

In the first five weeks, whole class sets of percussion instruments are used to explore timbre, keep time to a steady beat, practise playing together in a musical way and perform rhythmic ostinati.

The second half of the programme introduces pitched button bells, some chime bars, stick notation and leads to small group performances. 

Attention is paid to the inter-related dimensions of music with the greatest emphases on pulse, rhythm, pitch, dynamics and tempo

What's involved

  • Pupils will explore a range of instruments and learn to play together as an ensemble.
  • Opportunities are given to compose and perform their own  piece of music as a whole class.
  • Movement also plays an important part of this programme as pupils work together to develop skills and starting and stopping at the same time through games and songs in preparation for them beginning to play instruments together.
  • Pupils are taught to find their singing voice and to sing with confidence once they can chant rhymes with a steady pulse.
  • They will learn use music-specific vocabulary which will set the foundations of musical learning for the rest of their life.

Interested? Ask us for more details

To speak to someone about Musical Explorers and how it would work in your school, please follow the link below to our online enquiries form.

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