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Musical Gems

Specially developed Early Years music provision for Nurseries and Early Years settings.

WCET Musical GemsThe Musical Gems programme has been developed by specialist teachers to enhance the three prime and four specific areas of development set out in the revised Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework (published March 2012).

Youth-Music-FundingMusical Gems is funded by Youth Music with funding from the National Lottery via Arts Council England.

What's involved

Young children are introduced to simple songs appropriate for their age and ability and by process of imitation they begin to sing and improve their sense of the music around them.

Based on the principles of Kodaly, and delivered using rhymes, song, movement, games and instrumental work, children are introduced to key musical concepts including:

  • Pulse | keeping a steady beat 
    Rhythm | patterns of sound and silence 
    Tempo | awareness of musical speed 
    Pitch | distinction of high and low notes 
    Dynamics | distinction of loud and quiet 
    Silence | awareness of no sound at all

Sessions last for 40-45 minutes and are delivered by a specially trained Music Partnership teacher. The programme aims to develop:

  • Auditory discrimination, memory and sequencing | tuning into and remembering sounds 
    Communication skills | encouraging children to talk about their experiences using new vocabulary 
    Creativity and confidence | allowing children to be creative with music and be confident in their exploration 
    Spatial awareness, fine and gross motor skills | exercises and activities to focus co-ordination and develop an awareness of environment 
    Turn-taking and team work | developing the principles of working together and sharing.

Interested? Ask us for more details

To speak to someone about Musical Gems and how it would work in your school, please follow the link below to our online enquiries form.

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