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Wider Opportunities 2022-23

Bookings open for 2022-23 | Our 30-week programmes, delivered by specially trained teachers, can play a valuable role in your school’s music provision.

WCET Wider OpportunitiesThe National Plan for Music Education and the Model Music Curriculum both state that children should learn to play an instrument as part of a whole-class instrumental programme supported by teachers from their local Music Education Hub.

Our programmes

We offer programmes of Wider Opportunities in four instrumental categories:

  • Woodwind − Fife, Flute, Oboe and Clarinet 
    Brass − Trumpet, Cornet, Trombone, Baritone and/or Euphonium 
    Strings − Violin, Viola, Cello and/or Double Bass; Ukulele 
    World Percussion − Djembe (African drums); Samba Band; Steel Pans

Year-long programmes consist of 30x 45-minute lessons spread over three terms, timetabled at a convenient time for you.

A class set of instruments will also be provided along with any resources for follow-up activities.

Benefits for schools and pupils

  • Self-confidence | Pupils are taught within a normal classroom situation where their self-confidence grows as they learn alongside each other and their teachers.
  • Skills | Pupils develop their musical skills in a creative way, participating in rhythm games and singing and learning to play instruments.
  • Shared success | Performances are planned into the programme, giving parents the opportunities to share in their children's success.
  • Training | Class teachers get 'in house' professional development which augments and supports music provision in school. 
  • Continued learning | There is the opportunity to continue instrumental tuition after the programme has ended.

A broad and balanced curriculum...

Children who lack confidence in academic subjects have been boosted by having an area they can excel.
Chellaston Fields Spencer Academy

Observing the expert teachers deliver our sessions had a profound effect on my own confidence and ability to teach music. I learned at least as much about how to teach music as the children did about the subject itself. This was an incredible CPD experience.
Old Hall Junior School

It was very impressive how quickly pupils learned to play in harmony and with perfect timing.
St. Mary's CV Academy

In the strangest of times this has given our children a high-quality musical experience.
Waingroves Primary

Booking your Wider Opportunities programmes...

Booking for 2022-23 is now open. Follow the button link below to book online.

  • £100 morning discount
    There is a discount of £100 if booking a morning slot for your lesson. 
Book your Wider Opportunities...

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If you are a parent wanting to know more about instrumental tuition for your children, please click here to find out more