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Africa: A virtual choir performance

Young people from the senior choirs of  Music Centres across Derbyshire record themselves in isolation to perform Africa by Toto

During this period of lockdown and social distancing, young people from Music Centre Senior Choirs across Derbyshire have been unable to meet to continue their singing. They have recorded themselves performing in isolation for this virtual performance of Africa by Toto –  the last song they performed together before the lockdown.



Spring Sounds 2020 – an unexpected final concert

On March 15 2020 at The Riverside Centre Derby, young singers from the junior and senior choirs of the Music Centres of Derbyshire formed two massed choirs for a special concert alongside the City & County Youth Wind Band. One of the performances by the massed Senior Choir was of Africa.

Within the next two weeks the country entered into a lockdown and social distancing was introduced. This was the last performance by many of the young musicians in this concert, for who would have usually engaged in several concerts lasting until the end of the academic year.

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