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Infant Music at Home 12

Singing: Clickety Clack  |  Story: The First Music – A Folktale from Africa

Infant-MAH-webEnjoy these structured musical activities that we have prepared especially for you to continue your learning at home...

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Singing: Clickety Clack

Watch the video below ... follow this video by the National Youth Choirs of Scotland and learn the song Clickety Clack - all about a train. When you can sing the song, there's a fun activity where you get to play along...

  • What you'll need
    Two pencils, chopsticks, drum sticks or anything you can click together

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Story: The First Music – A Folktale from Africa

Watch the video below ... our musical story this week is from Africa and is called The First Music. 

  • Think about...
    What sound did each animal make with its voice?
    What sound did each animal make when the did not use their voices?
    What animal was silent? Do you know why?
    What did the animals do on the seventh day?
    What was the new sound on the seventh day?

    Discuss this with a member of your family 
  • Favourite animal
    What is your favourite animal? Can you make the same sound?
  • Play a game
    Play the game Simon Says using 'Walk like an elephant', 'Hoot like an owl', 'Roar like a lion'... can you make any more up yourself?