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Infant Music at Home 20

A Musical Story  |  Singing: The Transport Song

Infant-MAH-webEnjoy these structured musical activities that we have prepared especially for you to continue your learning at home...

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1. A Musical Story

Listen to this delightful story from Mrs. Durrant on YouTube about how music helped build a friendship between a polar bear and a little girl. This story really captures the lockdown feeling where we are more isolated from each other than normal.

What to do

  • Listen | Listen closely to the sound of the flute and decide whether you like it or not. What does its sound make you think of?

Teaching notes

  • Connections | Stick with this to the end and encourage your young person to think of someone who might be lonely and who you could sing a song to on the phone to cheer them up.
  • Sounds | Ask "Did you like the sound of the flute?" and "What other instruments do you like?"
  • Extension | You could encourage them to draw a picture of the little girl playing the flute

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We no longer keep our Covid-19 remote learning resources up to date and there are likely broken links or missing videos or resources where third-party content has been removed at source. 

2. Singing: The Transport Song

  • By James Oram and Karina Evans | A SingUp! song

Join in with Rachel and learn this song about different methods of transport – cars, boats, trains and even planes!

What to do

  • Watch and follow | Listen and watch the video, follow Rachel and simply copy what you see and hear. Try to do the actions to the steady beat of the song
  • Test your memory | Can you get all the words and actions together in the right order?

Teaching notes

  • Memory | This song is cumulative, so after each new verse you go back through all the others. When discussing the verse order (car, boat, train and plane) it may need reinforcing that you then go backwards during the song
  • Be creative | Add to the song with more ways of travelling – e.g. "So many ways to travel, we can go by foot. Walking, walking, walking in my shoes". Challenge your children to think of as many as they can.