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Infant Music at Home 5

Shake Your Sillies Out!  |  Explore and Create

Infant-MAH-webEnjoy these structured musical activities that we have prepared especially for you to continue your learning at home...

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Shake Your Sillies Out! 

Watch this video below – a really fun action song that will get you ready to start your learning!

Explore and Create...

All you need for this is a few sheets of scrap paper and some creative thinking...

  • Thinking about ... volume
    What is the loudest sound you can make with just paper?
    What is the quietest sound you can too?
    Can you make a sound that goes from loud to quiet? Or quiet to loud?
  • Thinking about ... nature
    Can you make a sound like a snake slithering in the grass?
    Can you make a sound like raindrops landing on the roof?
    Can you make a sound like wind in the trees?
  • Thinking about ... how did you make the sounds?
    Did you use one or more sheets of paper?
    What did you do to make the sounds?

Share your work with us!

We'd love to see the work you've done! Head over to our Facebook Page to send us a message or use this direct link to our messenger and share your pictures and videos. We'll try to reply to all messages, and will choose some examples to share with our followers.