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Instrumental and vocal tuition in schools

All Derby and Derbyshire schools have access to Music Partnership instrumental and vocal teaching and instrument loan services.

Instrumental and vocal lessons usually take place during the school day, with individuals or small groups of pupils leaving part of their curriculum lessons to attend. Virtually all this teaching is undertaken by self-employed teachers who have, through interview, been accredited by the Derby & Derbyshire Music Partnership.

The majority of instrumental and vocal teachers are willing to teach pupils in pairs, threes or fours, up to a certain level, depending on the ability and age of the children. In this way, pupils start learning an instrument in a comfortable and confident environment, surrounded by their peers, as well as the cost of each lesson being shared by the pupils in the lesson.

Subsidies & instrument loan

Derby & Derbyshire Music Partnership subsidises the cost of instrumental/vocal lessons through various remission schemes, including subsidies for new starters, SEN pupils, families facing financial hardship, tuition on minority instruments and additional support for pupils performing at higher grades.

Where appropriate, the instrumental or vocal teacher accesses these subsidies for their pupils, but only teachers accredited to the Music Partnership are able to do so.

It is usually possible for a pupil to borrow an instrument in order to access instrumental tuition. Instruments can only be issued to Music Partnership accredited teachers, for use by named pupils in named schools with a one-off instrument hire fee of £30.

Starting instrumental or vocal tuition

If you are a school teacher wanting to know more, or to arrange teaching, please get in touch with us. You may also find the following pages useful:

Are you a parent/carer?

This page is for schools only. If you're looking for information about instrumental tuition, please follow this link to be taken to the correct page


Frequently asked questions about instrumental teaching and instrument loans.
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