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Junior Music at Home 12

The Bare Necessities  |  Hungarian Dance

Enjoy these structured musical activities that we have prepared especially for you to continue your learning at home...

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The Bare Necessities

You're going to learn how to accompany The Bare Necessities with different singing styles in this Song of the Week from SingUp.

  • Watch the original
    First, watch this extract from Jungle Book featuring The Bare Necessities
  • Watch the song
    Take a look at this video of Beccy Owen teaching you how to sing along
  • Do more with this song...
    Sing Up! have uploaded the lyrics so you can read along, a track to perform to and a fun activities sheet on their website. Follow the button link below to see more...
Go the SingUp website for more activities...

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2. Hungarian Dance

Watch this video of the famous Hungarian Dance by Brahms...

  • Layout
    The video features four rhythmic parts set out in four columns like a cross between an early PlayStation (with Cross, Circle, Square and Triangle) and a dance machine at an arcade!

  • Find something to make a sound with
    Find yourself a sound-maker, e.g. two pieces of cutlery, or a wooden spoon and a bowl.

  • Perform
    Decide if you want to be the Circle, Sqaure, Triangle or Cross and play your sound-maker only when you see the symbols rolling through on your line.

  • Try more parts
    Try the other three parts out, and then, if you're feeling brave, try doing two parts at the same time! You can always get more family members involved too if you'd like.

  • Listen
    Listen carefully to the changes of tempo in the piece... can you keep in time!?

Keep learning

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