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Junior Music at Home 13

Compose your own melody  |  Musical theme park

Enjoy these structured musical activities that we have prepared especially for you to continue your learning at home...

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Composing: Melody maker

Melody is the musical term for a tune. Every song you'll have sung has a melody, and this week we're going to look at how to make one ourselves using a tool called Melody Maker from Chrome Labs. 

Go to Chrome Music Labs: Melody Maker
  • Choose your notes
    Click in one box for every column on the screen and press the play button at the bottom to hear what that sounds like. You can change your mind and click on different boxes as you go to explore what melody it creates

  • Change the speed
    You can control the speed using the slider in the same strip as the play button. What does it do to your melody?

  • Leaving a gap
    What happens if you leave an empty box? What does it do to your melody? Do you like it?

  • Mix things up a little
    Most melodies have a mixture of repeated notes and next-door steps with a few leaps from high to low. Try to get a good mix of these in your melody

  • Also try...
    There's another button with two squares and an arrow (next to the play button). When you're happy with your melody, click this. What does it do? Can you explain?

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Theme Parks

Do you like going to theme parks or fun fairs? Hopefully we will be able to go to these sometime soon!

In the meantime why not create your own musical theme park... Take a look at the worksheet document attached. You'll make a theme park based on musical elements.