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Junior Music at Home 23

The Addams Family Cup Game #3 | Song Writing | Singing: Billy the Kid

Enjoy these structured musical activities that we have prepared especially for you to continue your learning at home...

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1. The Addams Family Cup Game #3

Now for the most challenging part of the Addams Family Cup Game! Check out part 1 and part 2 if you haven't seen them, or if you just need a reminder. 

What to do

  • Watch and follow along | Follow Helen as she teaches you the rhythm patterns in small chunks. Make sure you rewind if you need to and give them another go before moving on.
  • It's going too fast!? | If you need to slow things down a little, you can do this in the settings on the video. Click on the gear icon and choose playback speed. 
  • Final performance | Perform what you have learned with Helen in this final performance video.

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2. Song-writing

Listen to the original tune of The Addams Family.

What to do

  • Sing along | Sing along to the original using the lyrics below:

They're creepy and they're kooky, Mysterious and spooky,
They're all together kooky, The Addams Family.

Their house is a museum, When people come to see 'em,
They really are a scream The Addams Family.

(Neat, Sweet, Petite)

So get a witch's shawl on, A broomstick you can crawl on
We're gonna pay a call on, The Addams Family.

  • New words! | Take a look at these new words written by some Year 4 pupils. They called their rewrite "We Are All One Team!". Try singing along using these words:

When we are at schoo-ool, We really think its coo-ool, To problem solve together, We’re all on the same team!

So when we have a problem, We always try to solve it, We really need each other, Cause we are all one team!

(Neat, Sweet, Petite)

We work to solve the problem, Until the job is all done, We always work together, Cause we are all one team!

  • Get writing | Try  writing your own set of words about what you are most looking forward to when you go back to school.

3. Singing: Billy the Kid 

  • By Emily Barden | A SingUp! song

A fun song that explores changing the sound of your voice to imitate the different instruments in Billy's jazz band!

What to do

  • Versatile voices | Starting with your speaking voice, in an American accent, can you then change the timbre (the sound) of your voice to match the low pitched string bass; a percussive trumpet; the 'twang' sound of a guitar, and the 'breathy' sound of a flute?
  • Which hand is which? | Watch and listen carefully to Rachel to check you are holding your imaginary instrument, correctly.

Teachers notes

  • Instruments | Can you challenge your pupils to recognise and name different instruments from their appearance and sound, taken from a variety of musical styles? Group them into their 'instrument family' - strings / woodwind / brass / percussion
  • Cross-curricular | Why not create a display for your classroom to include photography, descriptions, poetry, artwork, Venn diagrams, sound clips and actual instruments?

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