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Junior Music at Home 7

Virtual percussion: Somewhere Over the Rainbow  |  Lego rhythms

Enjoy these structured musical activities that we have prepared especially for you to continue your learning at home...

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1. Virtual Percussion

Have a play with the virtual boomwhackers on the Musick8 website...

Play the virtual boomwhackers now...

Now you've become familiar with how they work, open the document attached below so you can play along to Somewhere Over the Rainbow – the song that has been dedicated to the workers in the NHS.

This resource is now archived

We no longer keep our Covid-19 remote learning resources up to date and there are likely broken links or missing videos or resources where third-party content has been removed at source. 

2. Lego rhythms...

Following on from our Rhythm Reading excercise last week, here's another great video teaching you how to read rhythms using Ta and Ti Ti.

You don't have to use lego for this to work, you can use whatever you have in your home. 

Keep creating...

Now you've watched the video, create some of your own rhythms and see if you can play them all. You could get someone in your family to help, and play along with the Kitchen Utensil Band from week 1!

Keep learning

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