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Secondary Music at Home 11

Y7-9 DJing and Film Music | Y10-13 World Music and Timbre

Secondary-MAH-webEnjoy these structured musical activities that we have prepared especially for you to continue your learning at home.

Years 7-9:
All you need to know about DJing

We have a great PDF booklet attached below from DJ School UK with everything you'd ever want to know about modern DJs.

  • This pack has 20 activities that test your knowledge as you read through... can you complete at least five of them?
  • Can you remember five of the terms and explain what they mean? Write these definitions down on a poster or discuss them with a friend or family member. 

Years 7-9:
Film music quiz

Listen to the track attached below... there are 12 extracts of music from different films played back to back. Can you name them all!? (Answers available here...)

Years 10-13:
World Music Quiz

Listen to the track below – there are 12 extracts of music played back to back.

  • Open the PDF worksheet below –  can you match a country with an instrument and a style of music for each of the 12 extracts? You can do this on the worksheet, or write out on a separate piece of paper. (Answers available here...)

Years 10-13:
All about timbre

How often do you think about timbre –the different qualities of sound that instruments make – when you are working on your own compositions and arrangements?

Follow the button below to use the Viktor Synthesiser and explore the different timbres you can make by altering some of the settings.

Go to the Viktor Synthesizer...

Viktor is a virtual keyboard synthesiser tool which allows the user to explore and tweak sounds using a range of parameters. Viktor contains a keyboard with modulation and pitch bend facility. The keyboard is mapped to the computer keyboard to allow for live playing and performance