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Secondary Music at Home 17

Y7-9 Beethoven Remixed, Beethoven Re-recorded, Body Percussion Challenges and "I Knew You Were Treble"  | Y10-13 Musical periods quiz

Secondary-MAH-webEnjoy these structured musical activities that we have prepared especially for you to continue your learning at home.

Years 7-9:
Beethoven Remixed

For the first time, Radio 3 and the BBC National Orchestra of Wales have recorded the first movement of Beethoven's iconic Fifth Symphony in separate sections so that you can download, edit, loop, play and remix Ludwig's work yourself.

Beethoven Remixed Go to the BBC Beethoven Remixed site

Learning notes

  • Remix! | Use the sounds on the BBC Beethoven Remixed site and have a go at editing, looping or remixing one of the most famous pieces of classical music composed by Beethoven.

Beethoven Re-recorded

If music technology, looping and remixing isn't your thing, then there's still plenty you can do with the BBC's reworking of this classic. Listen to this clip of their recording and answer the questions below.

Learning notes

  • Instruments | How many different instruments can you see in the recording? There are at least 10, can you find them all?
  • What is different? | How can you tell this has been recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic? Give at least three reasons.

Years 7-9:
Body Percussion Challenge

Are you up for a body percussion challenge? Try these patterns to Can't Stop the Feeling and We Will Rock You... but be warned, they get progressively more difficult as you go, with more than one action per beat in some phrases!

Can't Stop the Feeling

We Will Rock You

Years 7-9:
I Knew You Were Treble

Watch this YouTube video by AT8fingers louie who uses Taylor Swift's song I knew You Were Trouble and rewrites the lyrics to create a way to help remember the notes on the treble clef.

Learning notes

  • Have a go | After watching the video, have a go at writing the notes with the letter names on a sheet of paper. You may need to draw 5 lines to make a stave if you don't have any special manuscript paper. 
  • Create a song | Think of a topic that you have been working on recently in class. Use a simple pop song – it could just be the chorus - and rewrite the words to enable someone to learn about this topic too

Years 10-13:
Musical periods quiz

Watch this YouTube video by The Musicologist with 10 listening extracts.

Learning notes

  • Do the quiz | Can you identify what period of music each extract is from?
  • Explore | The Musicologist has some great videos about film and classical music, 60-second guides and a lot more. Take a look at The Musicologist YouTube Channel and give a few of them a watch!