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Secondary Music at Home 19

Y7-9 Fusion music  | Y10-13 Know your instruments

Secondary-MAH-webEnjoy these structured musical activities that we have prepared especially for you to continue your learning at home.

Years 7-9:
Fusion music

We all know what type of music we enjoy listening to but it is also important to know and understand how different types of music from around the world are created and performed.

Sitar player Gaurav Mazumdar joins the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra

What to do

  • Follow the link | Head over BBC Bitesize using the button link below and read, watch and listen to the information about Indian and Western fusion music. and afterward you should be ready to take the quiz.
Go to BBC Bitesize...
  • 1. Quiz | After listening, watching and reading the information you should be ready to take the quiz (this is about half way down the page)
  • 2. Create | Underneath the quiz there is a section about composing your own fusion music. Follow the steps and see what you can create! If you need a virtual piano to play the raga on, follow the button link below (Click on 'show note names' if you are unsure what they are).
Open a virtual keyboard...
  • 3. Research | What other fusion styles are there? Do a little research and see if you can identify any, and their key features.

Keep learning

Continue your musical learning with us with more Music at Home, or find out how you could start learning to play a musical instrument.

Music activities and resources for children aged 11+, including for GCSE and A-Level, that can be done at home
Find out how your child can learn to sing or to play a musical instrument, with a range financial bursaries and instrumental loans available to support tuition.

Years 10-13:
Know your instruments

You will have learnt a lot about musical instruments in school, but can you remember them?

Know your musical instruments

What to do

  • Open the worksheet | Name the instruments from their silhouettes and categorise them into their different families. You can do this on a sheet of paper if you can't print the worksheet off.

Years 10-13:
"Learning a musical instrument is not for everyone"

When life starts returning to what we used to know before the current pandemic, music teachers will have to work hard to encourage pupils to take up playing an instrument as there will be lots of other things they will be asked to do.

What to do

  • Topical debate | Think of 3 arguments FOR and 3 arguments AGAINST the statement "learning a musical instrument is not for everyone"