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Secondary Music at Home 3

Y7-9 The Cup Game and Song | Y10-13 Clapping Music (Reich) – addictive rhythm-based songs you can tap and clap along to

Secondary-MAH-webEnjoy these structured musical activities that we have prepared especially for you to continue your learning at home.

Years 7-9:
The Cup Game and Song

Have you seen the film Pitch Perfect? Have you heard of the Cup Game, or the Cup Song? Take a look at the following clip from the film to see where it comes from, and how the character creates an accompaniment only using a plastic cup.

If you don't know how to do the actions with the cup to make this pattern, the video tutorial below is a great way to learn it. Just make sure you use a plastic cup!

When you've had a go, choose a song you like, and make your own accompaniment using only a cup. See what you can create!

This resource is now archived

We no longer keep our Covid-19 remote learning resources up to date and there are likely broken links or missing videos or resources where third-party content has been removed at source. 

Years 10-13:
Clapping Music

Clapping Music by Steve Reich seems like such a simple piece of music... it uses only one rhythm!

Listen to the full version, where one player keeps clapping the same rhythm on repeat, whilst the second player changes where that rhythm starts. It creates a series of sections that sound very different from each other. 

Now it's your time to give it a go! Watch this video, where you can see both parts at the same time. The part on the right is the one that changes every 4 times around (except for the first pattern, which happens for 8).

Notice how by simply moving the circle at the start to the end to creates the new pattern every four bars. 

  • TIP: Use the settings icon and adjust the speed of the playback to get some practice in first. Then speed up when you can do it!