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Secondary Music at Home 6

Y7-11 Online music-making and Festivals: researching and planning | Y12-13 Musical terminology: improving your writing skills

Secondary-MAH-webEnjoy these structured musical activities that we have prepared especially for you to continue your learning at home.

Years 7-11:
Online music-making

Spend hours and hours doodling around on this amazing FREE tool for music-making from Ableton.

Try out Ableton's music-making now...

Learn about beats, notes, scales, chords, bass lines, melodies and song structures all whilst composing your very own music.

The example below is creating a beat using four kit instruments... 


Years 7-11:
Music festivals

Have you been to a music festival? Have you ever thought about organising one? This is particularly helpful for anyone currently undertaking BTEC Music. 

Open and follow the activities and tasks in the three worksheets attached below (reproduced by kind permission of

You will do a bit of research about festivals before going through the steps to organise your own!

Years 12-13:
Musical terminology: improving your writing skills

We're going to be exploring the vocabulary you might use when describing pieces of music.

Task 1

For each of the categories below, write a lost of words that you might use to answer a listening question. We've given you a few examples for the first, but you might think of more. 

  • Style (e.g. classical, grime, musical theatre...)
    Time signature / metre
    Rhythm and tempo
    Harmony and tonality

Task 2

Choose three contrasting pieces of music and describe them using as many of the words you came up with for the categories above.