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CPD for Infant, Junior and Primary teachers

CPD services and courses for Infant, Junior and Primary school teachers (Foundation, KS1 and 2)

If you are looking for training to upskill your teachers in delivering the National Curriculum for Music then we have some excellent confidence-building CPD courses that can be delivered in your school.

Featured CPD events available to teachers

Hub partners and affiliates offer several CPD events and opportunities throughout each academic year. Here's what's coming up soon...

MEHEM Conference 2022 Friday 1 July 2022, 9.30am-3.30pm, Online | A CPD day for classroom teachers, singing teachers and vocal leaders
Register for Summer Term sessions Free online training sessions and webinars for infant and primary teachers about Charanga Musical School – for new and current licence holders.

In-school CPD

  • We can deliver training during a 60-90 minute staff meeting to suit the needs of your staff.
    Cost £100
  • Another option would be to join with other schools in your local cluster to have a music curriculum training session as a twilight option and share the cost between schools.
    Cost £100 (total)
  • Half-day or whole-day inset sessions providing a comprehensive framework for the skills needed to deliver music in the classroom.
    Cost £250/£300

Bespoke training

We also offer tailor-made training sessions covering the following topics −

  • Easy ways into composing music | Tracking progression of musical skills knowledge and understanding | Building staff confidence to deliver classroom music | Writing a scheme of work for KS1 music | Music and Literacy for EYFS and KS1 | Music for health and well-being | Improving singing in your school | Making the most of a song | Listening and responding across a range of musical genres | What instruments do you need and how do you use them? | How to address the requirements of the National Curriculum for Music | What are the basic skills required to deliver curriculum music lessons? | Music in school−little and often?

Interested? Ask us for more details

To speak to someone about how we can best provide CPD for your school, please follow the link below and complete our online enquiries form.

Ask us about CPD for your school