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Junior Music at Home 11

Rhythm Challenge: Lego Rhythms 2  |  Singing: Down by the Bay

Enjoy these structured musical activities that we have prepared especially for you to continue your learning at home...

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Lego Rhythms: Make your own!

If this is your first look at Lego Rhythms, you might want to take a look back at our issue 7 activities before this week for it to make sense. This will mean you're up to speed and ready to tackle making your own rhythms! 

  • What you'll need...
    Lego blocks, or anything that works instead if you don't have any
  • Follow along
    Follow the rhythms and instructions on screen, you can always replay steps if you didn't get it the first time. 

Share your work with us!

We'd love to see the work you've done! Head over to our Facebook Page to send us a message or use this direct link to our messenger and share your pictures and videos. We'll try to reply to all messages, and will choose some examples to share with our followers. 

Singing: Down by the Bay

(a song from Sing Up!)

  • Watch the video below and learn how to sing Down by the Bay with the Charlotte, the teacher. This song is really good at showing you how rhyming words are used in songs.
  • Do more with this song...
    Sing Up! have uploaded the lyrics so you can read along, a track to perform to and a fun activities sheet on their website. Follow the button link below to see more...
Down by the Bay -- Sing Up!

Keep learning

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